Xiaomi’s Interesting Solution to Get Rid of Smartphone Notches


Xiaomi has come up with an interesting solution that will completely remove the notches from their smartphones. According to a new patent that has emerged, the company is working on a design that we can turn the top of the device into.

Smartphone manufacturers have been trying to find new ways to get rid of the notch on the screen for the past few years. Chinese technology giant Xiaomi aims to get rid of the notch with the selfie camera, perhaps by patenting the unusual solution so far.

Xiaomi’s new design makes it possible to rotate the top of the device 180 degrees, and the company’s work was detected in a patent registered at the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). The patent was registered directly by Xiaomi and can be used on future flagship phones.

Unusual notch-free display design from Xiaomi
The drawings in the patent point to a long phone with a notch-free display. When you need the selfie camera, the upper part, including the screen, can be rotated horizontally with the rear cameras facing the user. This means that the same camera setup can be used for the front and back.

The interface and content are expected to adjust to the new screen size when you turn the camera. When the cameras are turned towards you to take selfies, the top of the screen can act as a secondary screen on the back.

We have seen manufacturers using a similar strategy on products like Samsung Galaxy A80 and Asus Zenfone 6 before. The solution worked well on both devices, but Xiaomi’s patent takes the idea a step further by rotating the rear camera and screen as they are.

However, moving parts may not be an effective solution as they can affect the long-term availability of the devices. Splitting the screen in two can also prevent the part that it is split from presenting a completely smooth image. There is no guarantee that we will see Xiaomi’s patent on smartphones, but it would be interesting to see how the technology could apply.


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