Xiaomi’s foldable phone, coming in March


Xiaomi’s new foldable phone arrives in March with flexible pricing citing a blogger named @DigitalChatStation, the Chinese website MyDrivers revealed that Xiaomi’s first flagship folding-screen smartphone has already been certified by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, meaning that its official launch is expected to take place in March.

According to the blogger, the foldable display of the new Xiaomi model will adopt an internal screen design without any kind of notch or division, with an impressive visual result. Last month, leaked photos popped up on the web exposing a screen that is “hidden” inside the box when folded. It is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, but without the hole for the front camera.

More news about the folding Xiaomi

The Xiaomi launch screen is built with a foldable OLED panel provided by Samsung, with a nominal size of 8.03 inches, with the option of a 6.38 inch rear secondary screen to prevent repeated fold-and-unfold movements.

The resulting image is larger and, when fully unfolded, very similar to a tablet display. Unfortunately, the outside of the phone shown in the photos, consisting of a protective cover, prevents the view of the smartphone’s screen frame.

The best news about Xiaomi’s new foldable smartphone is its price, which, according to reports, will be the cheapest foldable phone on the market, with the aim of popularizing the use of this type of device worldwide, in addition to reinforcing Xiaomi’s motto of “ make good products that move people’s hearts and are reasonably priced ”. The strategy seems to be working.


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