Xiaomi Works on a Phone with Movable Camera Module


A new patent from Xiaomi has surfaced via LetsGoDigital. According to this patent, Xiaomi has created a new solution to prevent image deterioration of wide-angle cameras. Xiaomi’s solution to this problem is to move these cameras using two narrow angle cameras.

Xiaomi, one of the most popular technology manufacturers of recent times, is currently working on interesting smartphone designs. It has been revealed that Xiaomi has recently been working on a phone with a 360-degree rotating camera as well as a phone with a giant rear camera, and now it has developed a phone with a movable camera module.

Smartphone camera modules are improving more and more every day. However, there are some problems with these camera hardware that cannot be overcome, one of these problems is the quality deterioration we encounter in ultra wide angle cameras. Xiaomi seems to have done a work to prevent this situation with its latest patent.

This is how Xiaomi’s new patent looks

Xiaomi’s new camera technology went to the US Patent and Trademark Office in late 2019. This patent, approved on July 30, 2020, was also added to the database of the World Intellectual Property Organization. Discovered by the LetsGoDigital team today, the patent clearly reveals that Xiaomi has developed a moving camera module. So what will this module offer users?

Today’s phones have a wide angle camera sensor that distorts the image. However, Xiaomi tries to prevent image deterioration by approaching this situation from a different angle. Using two narrow-angle camera sensors for this, Xiaomi engineers move these two sensors synchronized with each other simultaneously. In this way, quality is not compromised while the viewing angle is widening.

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Here is the concept design created based on patent data

According to Xiaomi’s patent, the movable camera module sits adjacent to the phone’s case when the camera is not in use. When the user turns on the camera of his phone and switches to wide-angle mode, this module extends out from the common edges and thus captures the wide angle. Xiaomi thinks this technology will eliminate the problems of wide angle lenses.

The future of Xiaomi’s new patent is currently uncertain. The company can turn this smartphone into a real product, as well as put this patent on the dusty shelves of history as many times. However, it is not possible to say anything about this at the moment. So what are your thoughts on Xiaomi’s new patent? Do you think this kind of technology is adopted by users? You can share your ideas with us.


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