Xiaomi works on a new hybrid lens for macro and telephoto


The photographic section is one of the ones that users see the most when buying a phone. And it is that having a competent lens is important at this point, and that it is not difficult to find a device with these characteristics. This is well known at Xiaomi where they are working with a new lens system that unites the telephoto lens and the macro.

New Xiaomi stabilization system

It may not be one of the most advanced in this sense, nor that it has a great brand to develop its objectives, but it is a fact that Xiaomi is taking a leap in quality in the photographic section. This year we have seen him launch his Mi 10 with a 108 MPX camera, but in the future he is looking for the possibility of giving him lenses a plus.

The capacity is more than impressive in the case of using this type of sensors, but the current trend is to place many and different at the rear. What happen? that modules with several lenses, all dedicated to a purpose, have been mounted on the back of a device. This for a professional photographer is wonderful since each one is used for a purpose and quality is not lost. But for the general public that takes photos from the mobile, they are interested in both design and functionality and the result is this new Xiaomi hybrid lens.

This is not a zoom, far from it, it is a new system that the Chinese firm has put into development. Their goal is to use a single lens to agglutinate everything from telephoto to macro with the same quality. This is also a plus, as a powerful lens is used for all the shots you want to take.

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As you can see in the video, the interface also changes and when choosing a shooting mode you have the opportunity to select the lens with the touch meter that appears. The effect is the same as the classic zoom, but this has a trick. And it is that with the arrival of a device of these characteristics something that we have seen before is needed: a retractable lens. That’s right, a system similar to the one that compact cameras mount. The company is working on achieving this goal, although we will have to wait to see if it integrates it into a future device.


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