Xiaomi Will Release New Wireless Headphones: Here is The First Image


New wireless headphones are coming from Xiaomi: Here is the first image. Xiaomi is preparing to expand its range of wireless headphones with a new model. Wireless Power Consortium certificate documents shed light on some details about the device.

The new wireless headset that Xiaomi is preparing to launch has appeared in the Wireless Power Consortium certification documents. This means that the device will be announced soon.

While the documentation doesn’t give many details about the technical specifications of the wireless headset, it does indicate that the model number is M2103E1. We also see that it will come in an oval charging case and will have an in-ear design.

Silver-plated detail

It is noteworthy that there is a silver coating on the top of the headphones. There is an LED indicator on the charging box that shows the charge and discharge status. Xiaomi’s new wireless headset appeared in white. However, there may be different color options when it is released.

In addition to all these, let’s also mention that the device will support the Qi wireless charging standard. As of now, what we know is limited to these. We hope to know more about the device’s other features and release date in the coming days.


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