Xiaomi Will Open More Stores in Brazil and Promises Competitive Prices


Xiaomi: Second place among the largest cell phone sellers in the world, Xiaomi also intends to conquer the Brazilian market, where it is in fifth place, opening more physical stores in the country. Speaking to the technology channel Tilt, the company’s general manager for Latin America, Tony Chen, stated that “Brazilians need to personally handle and evaluate the design, format, look and functionality of the cell phone”.

Xiaomi currently has only two stores in operation in Brazil, both in São Paulo. However, the brand has more than 450 products sold in the country in about 7 thousand partner stores. Among the products are 31 phone models. The company’s smartphone sales are still very focused on e-commerce, which limits access to the devices.

Despite this, Chen points out, word of mouth marketing, which is a growth factor for Xiaomi worldwide, is increasingly happening in Brazil, where the so-called “Mi Fans” help spread the brand to consumers who did not know it yet. . Therefore, the company has adopted physical retail as a sales strategy, in addition to e-commerce and the marketplace.

Competitive prices

The strategies seem to be working very well on a global level. Currently, Xiaomi has consolidated its position of second place among the biggest smartphone makers in the world, surpassing Apple, and only behind Samsung, according to the results of the first half of this year, but managing to surpass the South Korean during the month of June.

According to Chen, Xiaomi’s ambition is to become the world’s largest supplier in the near future. In this sense, the company has a plan, started last year, of around R$ 40 billion in research and development projects until 2025.

One of the pillars of the strategy, explains the executive, is the manufacture of products with the best price for the performance they deliver. In this sense, Xiaomi has set a global limit of 5% on the net profit margin of its hardware, which means that the company’s products will always have attractive prices.


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