Xiaomi will make batteries safer! Here are the details


Lithium ion batteries are the most common solution when it comes to batteries. This technology, which is used in smartphones, computers and even electric cars, is especially preferred due to its high efficiency.

However, this technology has a very serious flaw. Lithium-ion batteries, especially sensitive to high temperatures, can easily ignite and explode. Xiaomi wants to eliminate this danger with a new patent on battery.

Xiaomi increases battery safety

The Chinese tech giant has been struggling to make battery and charging technologies safer for a while. It seems that the company has taken an important step in the past few days. According to the report prepared by ITHome, Xiaomi received a new patent on March 23, 2021 to increase battery safety.

Simply put, the lithium contained in the battery is protected against the risk of explosion and fire. When the battery reaches 80 percent, your phone will warn of a full charge and cut off the current. Immediately afterwards, if the device is not unplugged, the floating charging mode is activated. In this way, while the battery percentage does not decrease, exceeding the charging capacity is prevented. However, if the battery does not switch to floating charging after 80 percent, it can be damaged and become dangerous for the user.

The patent obtained by Xiaomi allows the system to monitor and control this process in real time. In this way, when a problem occurs, the current is cut and the explosion and swelling caused by overload is prevented. Thus, Xiaomi aims to make its smart devices more secure.

Why are lithium batteries used?

Lithium ion batteries are lighter than competitors prepared with other chemicals. For this reason, they are more suitable for all types of electronic devices. At the same time, these batteries do not have a memory effect, so there is no need to wait for them to fully discharge before recharging. Halting the charge for the same reason does not have a negative effect on the battery.

The most obvious defects are that their useful life starts from the date of production. Regardless of how much it is used, their lifetimes begin to decrease over time. For this reason, the charge of the electronic products you buy starts to run out faster over time. Still, various companies are working to develop and perfect this technology.


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