Xiaomi Will Launch New Mi Air Pro This Thursday (13)


Xiaomi: Mi Air Pro headphones, from the giant Xiaomi, will gain new successors on Thursday (13). The novelty was announced by the manufacturer itself in his profile on the Chinese social network, Weibo, through a teaser that showed the image of a new case and the date of the tie. Although there is not much information about the new product, it will likely have features similar to the previous model, with likely improvements and additions.

The Mi Air Pro, it is worth mentioning, drew attention for its active noise cancellation system (ANC), capable of achieving a reduction of up to 35 dB. Another highlight of the model was the TWS (or True Wireless Stereo) technology, which “divides the sound elements”, offering a more immersive experience.

Xiaomi’s headphones have also gained public attention for another factor: their design almost identical to that of Apple’s AirPods Pro – which, according to a recent leak, should be maintained in the new version. Check out the images that have already been released:

As shown in the image above, the case has a rounded shape and bears the new Xiaomi logo. Loading capacities are expected to be maintained, but nothing has been revealed so far.

Although expectations were already high, they intensified when Xiaomi declared that the model will be the “flagship” of the company – without confirming, however, whether active noise cancellation will be present. Now, it remains to wait for the official statement from the manufacturer. Stay tuned to TecMundo for more information!


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