Xiaomi Will End The ‘Mi’ Brand Of Future Products


Xiaomi: In a rebranding ploy, Xiaomi announced a name change for the Mi product line. The Chinese manufacturer’s upcoming releases, including the Mi 11T smartphones, will only have the name “Xiaomi”.

“From Q3 2021, the Mi series of products will be renamed Xiaomi. This change unifies our global presence and closes the perception gap between the brand and the products,” the company’s statement said.

Differences between Xiaomi and Redmi lines

Xiaomi highlighted that it will continue using the Redmi brand. Thus, the company will maintain two product lines aimed at different consumers of electronics.

According to the statement, Xiaomi products “represent the pinnacle of technology and offer the premium experience.” Meanwhile, Redmi devices “bring great innovation at a more affordable price and are aimed at young audiences”.

The new nomenclature will also apply to IoT items and ecosystem over time. For now, the traditional Mi logo will continue to be used in Mi Home physical stores.

Mi Mix 4 or Xiaomi Mix 4?

According to Xiaomi, the change may take some time to take effect in all regions. It is also possible that some products will still hit stores under the Mi title in the coming months.

However, the recent Mix series smartphone served as a harbinger of change. This is because the brand referred to the model only as Xiaomi Mix 4 during the promotion, unlike previous generations named as Mi Mix.

The name Mi was widely used in Western markets due to its readability and simplified pronunciation. However, cell phone models like the Mi 11 are simply called China’s Xiaomi 11.


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