Xiaomi warns: What To Do To Preserve Battery Life


Xiaomi Deputy General Manager Qiao Zhongliang made important statements for users who encounter battery consumption pbroblems in the MIUI interface.


Today, many smartphone users pay great attention to the battery capacity of the model when they buy a new device. In this period, in which mobility has settled into our lives to a large extent, almost everyone approaches battery health with extra sensitivity in order to achieve a comfortable communication experience.

According to the news of IT Home, Xiaomi made some important statements to its users through the community. The company has published a remarkable report on the causes of excessive power consumption that many people complain about. If you, as an Android user, are worried about your battery health, it is useful to pay attention to the following items.

Elements that threaten the charging of smartphones

Xiaomi Deputy General Manager Qiao Zhongliang identified the elements that cause high battery consumption of the MIUI interface and shared them through the community. According to the report, the services that show that the charge is decreasing faster are listed as follows:

  • 18 percent: Keeping location service always on.
  • 17 percent: Use of apps and games with high system requirements.
  • 15 percent: Using Always On Display mode on devices.
  • 14 percent: Using the device at maximum brightness.
  • 11 percent: Automatic launch of some installed apps.

Zhongliang stated that the above items were detected on 5G supported Xiaomi phones working with MIUI interface. But he added that in almost every Android phone, the battery drains quickly for the same reasons. In addition to all this, he stated that functions such as Bluetooth should not be kept open all the time.

According to the statement made by Qiao Zhongliang, the above errors have entered the radar of the MIUI development team. The team is working on optimizing all of these items and more. In addition, Zhongliang does not hesitate to guarantee that the company will make a significant leap in battery consumption with the MIUI 13 interface.

But what do you, as an Android user, think about the above items? If you are also having trouble with battery consumption, you can share your problem with us. Or you can tell us your solution suggestions in the comments section.