Xiaomi wanted to sell a cell phone without charging


Xiaomi’s strategy of selling a cell phone without a charger, which caused controversy with the launch of the Mi 11 in December, after the manufacturer pinned Apple for removing the accessory from the iPhone 12 case, was almost put into practice in 2015. It was what revealed co-founder of Chinese brand Lei Jun.

As IT Home showed on Tuesday (5), a post made by the executive on Weibo, in June 2015, brought a reflection on the subject. In the text, Jun argued that the large number of cell phone chargers accumulated in the drawers could be problematic.

“For environmental protection, we are considering Xiaomi devices not equipped with chargers,” he wrote. In the sequence, he also mentioned the possibility of purchasing the adapter optionally, for the “special price” of 9.9 yuan, equivalent to just over R $ 8 per day.

When questioning his followers on the social network about the idea, the CEO of Xiaomi received not very encouraging responses. Many of the platform’s users believed that the Chinese giant was using the environment only as a pretext for cutting costs by excluding the accessory.

“I think I am amazing”

For those who believe that Xiaomi copied Apple in relation to removing the charger from the box, Jun recently refuted the possibility in a live broadcast. Citing the already commented post on Weibo, the Chinese executive said he thought he was “incredible” for having thought about this strategy before the Apple.

“I think I’m incredible. As a result, as soon as the news was released, it was scolded a week ago, and everyone felt as if we were copying Apple. I don’t think there’s anything to copy if you don’t send a charger. In fact, this idea was initiated by me ”, he commented.


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