Xiaomi took action on the earthquake!


Xiaomi has received a new patent on detecting earthquakes and informing users with mobile devices.


While technology giants want their devices to reach more users, they are developing technologies that will protect the health of users. Dozens of different features are already widely used, from screen time to ECG measurement, from alerting people with COVID to measuring the oxygen level in the blood.

Xiaomi received a new patent to inform phone users about earthquakes and to notify them of a possible earthquake in advance.

Xiaomi will use mobile devices for earthquake detection

The patent, which was obtained from the China National Intellectual Property Administration, or CNIPA with its short name, application number CN113406696A, appears as “method and equipment that enables mobile devices to perform seismic monitoring”.

It is aimed to monitor seismic waves thanks to sensors in mobile devices. The data obtained will be sent to an earthquake processing center and as a result of the evaluation to be made there, it will be determined whether there is an earthquake risk.

We would like to remind you that technology giants receive tens or even hundreds of different patents every year. Most of these patents are obtained for companies to protect their inventions and are not implemented. We will see together what kind of strategy Xiaomi will follow in this regard. However, earthquake detection with mobile devices is very important for users.


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