Xiaomi to Launch Notebooks, Routers and Cameras at Event


Next week, Xiaomi will host its annual “Mi Smarter Living” event, where it is expected to showcase a range of new products for the Indian market. In this context, the company’s Business Director in India, Raghu Reddy, provided comments to the Tech Radar website about the sales success and what to expect from the Chinese giant’s future releases.

With more than 350 million products that embody the “Internet of Things” (IoT) concept in the global market, Xiaomi has also gone on to lead the smart device segment in addition to the mobile phone sector. Currently, the company has strong sales in the categories of wearables, entertainment and even security, with its installable cameras.

With these factors in mind, Xiaomi has chosen to focus the Mi Smarter Living 2022 on its new series of premium notebooks, which will feature better screens, webcams and design over the predecessor Mi NoteBook 14 line launched last year. Similarly, Reddy also confirmed that the company will introduce new models of Wi-Fi routers and security cameras, however, he did not reveal details.

On the other hand, the company also intends to expand its horizons. As suggested by Tech Radar, Xiaomi should enter the segment of premium Smart TVs, after helping to popularize the entry-level category still in 2018, when the predominance was still the traditional models.

Reddy also adds, stating that Xiaomi intends to experiment with other product niches, such as dishwashers, tablets and entry-level smartwatches, but did not specify a release forecast. All that remains is to wait for the transmission of Mi Smarter Living 2022, which will take place on Thursday, August 26th, to check out the news in full.


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