Xiaomi To Launch New Folding Screen Phone From Samsung, Rumor Says


Xiaomi: A rumor published on Tuesday (15) alleges that Xiaomi is about to announce a new folding cell phone similar to the Mi Mix Fold. The information comes from the Chinese leaker Digital Chat Station, which revealed some technical specifications of the product in its profile on the Weibo social network. Although it doesn’t present great news in terms of processor and battery, the new smartphone promises improvements in both internal and external screens.

The main change announced is in the screen refresh rate: while the Mi Mix Fold has 60Hz in open mode and 90Hz closed, the new device will have 120Hz when open; but, there will not be a change in the external screen.

In addition, a previous leak claims that Samsung is responsible for the internal screens and CSOT (China Star Optoecelectronics Technology) will assemble the external screen, dubbed the “accessory” screen. This could mean that we’ll have a phone that opens vertically and won’t be in the “book” format we’ve seen on smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Processor and camera as expected

But, the unexpected news should stop here: the phone must come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processor. The reason for this being the chosen processor is that, according to the leak, the product will be released before Qualcomm’s new announcements, which are expected to take place in December. The battery is supposed to have a capacity of 5,000 mAh and the main camera has 108MP — there is still no information about the sensor or possible lenses.

The brand has not yet made an official announcement of the product, so all information should be considered as just a rumor, as images showing the design of the supposed cell phone have not yet been anticipated.

If confirmed, it will enter an already very competitive market, vying for space with Xiaomi’s existing product and even with others, such as vivo’s possible giant cell phone.


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