Xiaomi: The Development That Pleases Phone Owners


Xiaomi, good news for smartphone users! It has been revealed which Xiaomi phones will receive the highly anticipated MIUI 13 update.

Smartphones have been an indispensable part of our lives for some time now. We use our mobile devices for almost every job, from communication to banking. For this reason, users want their phones to be up-to-date not only in terms of features, but also in software.

Unfortunately, Android users are a little more unlucky in this regard. However, according to the claim, Xiaomi has good news for users. Incoming leaks have revealed which Xiaomi smartphone models will receive the MIUI 13 update.

Which Xiaomi phones will get MIUI 13?

Xiaomi, which is already one step ahead of its Android competitors in terms of updating, continues its work without slowing down. The company, which recently started to distribute the MIUI 12.5 version to certain models, is now working on MIUI 13. According to the news of Digital Chat Station, the latest version of the operating system is currently in the testing phase.

However, the main question in mind is on which phones the update will be downloadable. DCS gave the good news in this regard too! According to information from a source close to the company, MIUI 13 will come to all Xiaomi phones released in the last two years. All phones, whether flagship or mid-range, will receive updates. What will happen to models older than two years remains a mystery for now.

Mi Mix 4 will be a first

Another leak that surfaced earlier this week was about the upcoming Mi MIX 4 model. Mi Mix 4, the highly anticipated phone of the series that has been silent for a while, will be the first model the company has released with MIUI 13. The phone will be released in a short time and will impress with its technical features.

So what do you think about this? Do you think the highly anticipated operating system will be able to satisfy users? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section.


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