Xiaomi Tests New Display Brightness Mode at MIUI 11


In the MIUI 11, Xiaomi is working on a new screen brightness mode that will maximize the display of the phones in daylight. The new feature called Sunlight Mode will provide users with convenience outside.

Although the screen brightness of the smartphones now satisfies the users to a great extent, there are situations where the screens are not bright enough to be used outdoors. In the MIUI 11 interface, Xiaomi is working on a new screen brightness mode that makes it easier to use in daylight.

In the MIUI 11 update of the Redmi K20 Pro and Mi 9T Pro, a new setting called “Sunlight Mode” was discovered. This new setting will maximize screen brightness when using your phone in direct sunlight. The Sunlight Mode has the ability to adjust the display backlight to strong ambient light when the auto brightness is off.

In the MIUI 11 build codes, the new mode is activated when ambient lighting exceeds 12,000 lux for 5 seconds. When the mode is activated, the screen brightness is probably increased to the maximum level. When the ambient lighting drops below 12,000 lux for 2 seconds, the display brightness returns to the value set before entering the Sunlight Mode.

The new setting does not appear to depend on any specific high brightness mode, but may be useful for those who do not use auto brightness. With Sunlight Mode enabled, you no longer have to manually adjust the brightness to 100% each time you go out. The new screen brightness mode seems to be using only the ambient light sensor and will likely come to most Xiaomi devices using the MIUI 11.


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