Xiaomi Takes Measures Against Possible US Ban


The consequences of political events may be very different from those predicted and the developments that we would say never happen can happen overnight. Aware of this, Xiaomi is already taking measures against a future trade ban from the United States.

As you know, Huawei is one of the US blacklisted technology companies. In case Xiaomi is included in this list, there are explanations for the measures to be taken. In an interview, Xiaomi product manager Abi Go touched on some interesting issues, including US bans.

Xiaomi seems to be ready for a trade ban from the US government. According to the company’s senior employees, Xiaomi has already started to produce smartphones without being connected to US companies in any way. Xiaomi’s global product manager said, uz We continue to work on this issue, but there is no dispute between us and the US at this time. We are already working in partnership with US companies like Qualcomm and Google..

Xiaomi wants to guarantee your future:


The spokesman for Xiaomi said in his statements; Ir It’s always good to have a backup plan for the future, and we have that right now. We are making huge investments to manufacture our smartphones in China without being connected to the US. As a company, we do not want our plans and the way we follow to be affected by political conditions. Therefore, we will continue our work in this field without slowing down in the future. As a company, we do not care about the way the competitor companies follow and believe that doing the best we can do is the most important goal. Of course, thanks to the competition you need to constantly improve yourself. And we want to make the best of this with our own ideas. ”

One of the most important questions in mind is what software Xiaomi would prefer in their smart devices. If Xiaomi prefers Harmony OS, it seems likely that Google will lose its superiority in the mobile OS market.

Time will show how the relations between Xiaomi and the US will develop. But Xiaomi seems to have already taken precautions against it.

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