Xiaomi takes action to reduce its dependence on the USA

Following the success of Apple, Huawei and Samsung, other smartphone manufacturers have also rolled up their sleeves to produce their own processors. One of these companies, Xiaomi, is preparing to grow its investments to produce processors.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer, who does not want to suffer from the possible US embargo, has started working to reduce foreign dependency. The company is strengthening its technology infrastructure to prevent this from happening.

Xiaomi speeds up processor work

According to the allegations, Xiaomi, who wants to speed up its work on processor production, has decided to increase its investments in this area by 34 percent. Although the Chinese technology giant seems to be new in this field, it has been working on processor production for a while.

Speaking about the work on the subject, Xiaomi ‘founder Lei Jun said, “It has been seven years since Xiaomi invested in processors. The C1 is just a small step forward in the company’s goals in processor manufacturing. But the road ahead is long and full of difficulties. Yet we have the determination and patience to achieve this. “

Xiaomi continues to invest in other hardware parts besides the processor. These include camera lenses and screen technologies. The Chinese technology giant’s investments in this area are also increasing by 25 percent.

Xiaomi does not want to be in the same situation as Huawei

In fact, Xiaomi’s worries are not unfounded. Huawei, another Chinese technology company, had to make similar investments recently. Affected by the trade war between China and the US a few years ago, the company was accused of espionage and banned from working with US companies.

In particular, the company, which lost access to Google services and chip suppliers, had a very difficult time. During this period, Huawei had serious difficulties in supply and even had to sell its sub-brand Honor.

Xiaomi, who does not want to fall into the same situation with Huawei, is making preparations in advance. It is not clear for now when the first processor will be ready. However, considering that the work has been going on for seven years, we do not seem to have to wait too long. How will the performance of the first phone to use the processor is a matter of curiosity.

But what are your opinions about Xiaomi processors? Do not forget to share your opinions about the Chinese smartphone manufacturer with us.



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