Xiaomi sues U.S. government for inclusion in banned list


Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has filed a lawsuit against the United States government. The goal is to reverse one of Donald Trump’s last actions in the presidency: adding the company to the list of companies that are considered a national security risk and should have limited action in the country.

According to the statement, published on the brand’s official blog and signed by co-founder and president, Lei Jun, the decision was taken at the end of last month, after the brand said it would fight to defend the interests of consumers and shareholders. If carried out, the measure could cause Xiaomi to lose contracts and be prevented from closing deals with other companies in the region. You can check the letter on this link.

She disagrees with the action of the US government to classify it as a “Chinese military communist company” – which means that it is considered a possible enemy of the country, is controlled by the political group in the region and has become a risk to national security. There is no evidence that Xiaomi is involved in espionage actions or practices of the kind.

And now?

The Xiaomi lawsuit was opened in Washington and cites some specific names and sectors, such as the Department of Defense, the Department of the Treasury and their respective responsible secretaries.

It is worth remembering that Huawei, Xiaomi’s rival manufacturer in several markets, has already undergone several additional sanctions in addition to being considered a threat – which has made it lose contracts with several manufacturers and even with Android.

President Joe Biden’s administration postponed the decision to review the ban to May 27.


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