Xiaomi Starts Itinerant Vendor In India: Picking Up Products


Xiaomi has launched an interesting business venture in India. The company started to go to consumers who could not reach Xiaomi due to the coronavirus. Xiaomi does this with technological products stacked inside a pickup truck. These vehicles will be seen all over India if the project under test holds.

Having succeeded in gaining the attention of consumers with the smartphone and other ecosystem products it has launched, Xiaomi has launched a very interesting business venture in India. The company more tomatoes in Turkey, we are accustomed to the sale of vegetables such as peppers resorted to a method. The company, which kept a van, started to deliver its technological products to consumers with this van.

India, one of the most populous countries in the world, is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus epidemic. As such, various measures are taken, especially in certain regions of the country. People are afraid to go out even when the measures are not implemented. Here, Xiaomi also hit the road by van to reach consumers even in these conditions. The company sells other ecosystem products in addition to smartphones in this truck.

This is how Xiaomi’s mobile store looks like

Xiaomi names its project of selling a pickup truck “Mi Store on Wheels”. Commenting on the project, Xiaomi Vice President Manu Kumar Jain says that the brainstorming has been done to reach consumers in India, and the Mi Store on Wheels has been implemented in just 40 days. With this project, Xiaomi aims to reach every corner of India.

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Xiaomi is testing the Mi Store on Wheels project for now. If Indian consumers pay enough attention to Xiaomi’s mobile store, this tool will start to appear across the country. Time will tell how much interest Xiaomi’s new project will receive from consumers.


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