Xiaomi Shoots and Becomes 2nd Largest Cell Phone Manufacturer In The World


Xiaomi: Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has established itself as the second largest smartphone maker in the world. The data showing the overtaking at Apple comes from Canalys, which published a report on the performance of the cellphone market in the second quarter of 2021.

Samsung follows the leader with 19% of the global market, with a more timid growth compared to the same period last year. Even for that reason, the distance to Xiaomi was small: the Chinese now have 17% of the sector, against 14% of Apple. Also completing the ranking are the Chinese Oppo (4th) and Vivo (5th), which are part of the same conglomerate, BBK Electronics.

What is most impressive in the ranking is Xiaomi’s accelerated growth, which improved 83% over the same period last year. According to the report, this is mainly due to the brand’s expansions to markets such as Latin America, Africa and countries in Western Europe.

In addition, there was a 12% global increase in the shipment of models for sale — a sign of the industry’s recovery after a start to 2020 heavily damaged by the pandemic.

Canalys’ data is considered preliminary, meaning it may change based on any changes in the coming weeks. However, the scenario is unlikely to change much for the current chart. Furthermore, it is possible that the annual result is different, as the above list only takes into account the performance in one quarter.

Up and down

Xiaomi and Apple have been fighting an intense battle for second place on the podium since Huawei left the post after selling the Honor subbrand and losing huge market share to US trade sanctions. Overcoming both brands was one of the Chinese brand’s goals for 2021.

In October 2020, Xiaomi momentarily passed Apple in an IDC ranking, something also registered in December of the same year by Gartner. However, the intense sales of iPhones during the holiday season tend to make the fight even more fierce.