Xiaomi says it is not yet ready to launch electric car


Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi clarified speculations about the company’s performance to the press. Last week, rumors that an electric car of the brand would be closer than it imagined began to circulate.

However, the company sent a statement to sites like Xiaomi Today with details about the current situation. Basically, she stated that she is not yet ready to enter this sector with a product in the short term, but does not totally rule out the possibility of launching something related to electric cars, since it is updated about the segment’s potential.

“The Xiaomi Group has always been interested in developing an electric vehicle ecosystem, constantly assessing the industry and conducting research on trends in related areas. The Xiaomi Group’s research team in the field of electric vehicles has not yet reached the official stage of the project” says the official statement.

This speculation already existed in 2019, when the manufacturer entered the automobile sector indirectly. It partnered with manufacturer Bestune, launching a special version of the SUV T77 model on fuel.


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