Xiaomi Reveals New Security Standard For IoT Devices


Xiaomi has unveiled the new guidelines that define requirements for hardware, software and communication methods on devices with the brand’s Internet of Things (IoT) concept. The 2.0 standard sets some security and privacy rules that all Xiaomi devices must follow.

The new guidelines include communication security, authentication and access control, secure boot, data deletion, among other new features. In fact, Xiaomi said that the new guidelines are also designed to be used by other companies to ensure that consumers remain safe.

To date, there is no global security standard that is being publicly implemented by IoT device manufacturers. As a result, connected devices end up being exposed and often become the target of hacker attacks.

Xiaomi safer

Despite not being recognized for the security and privacy of its devices, the Chinese company created the Mesh System AX3000 and received the IoT Kitemark certificate from the British Standard Institution (BSI), known for certifying only truly secure IoT products. Xiaomi had also already received certification on the Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K products and the Xiaomi Home app.

“Connected devices can bring enormous benefits to society, but it is imperative that their function and security can be trusted throughout the life of the device. By achieving the Kitemark for IoT devices in its product and having its systems regularly and independently tested and monitored, Xiaomi is demonstrating to consumers its commitment to protecting information. Congratulations to the Xiaomi team on this achievement,” said BSI Global Digital and Connected Products Certification Director David Mudd.

Security related to IoT devices is becoming a concern in the world as millions of consumers are putting smart devices in their homes. In fact, the expectation is that more and more homes around the world will connect with Internet of Things devices.