Xiaomi Retracts Mi A3’s Android 10 Update for the Third Time


Xiaomi has announced that the Mi A3 model, which has been criticized for software issues since its release, has withdrawn the Android 10 update for the third time. Mi A3 is still using Android Pie from 2018. Xiaomi previously announced that there will be an update in February and March, but withdrew them as well.

Xiaomi’s third-generation Android One smartphone Mi A3 has been known for finding a place in the list of the most defective phones since its release. The phone has been constantly criticized by users for software problems since its release. Even more interesting was the announcement that Xiaomi had withdrawn the Android 10 update to Mi A3 for the third time.

The Xiaomi Mi A3 was launched in July last year as the re-released version of the Mi CC9e for international markets. The device was produced with Android 9.0 Pie software under Android One program instead of MIUI. This means that the smartphone receives two platform updates and monthly security patches for three years. However, the company still has not been able to bring a stable Android 10-free update to its device.

Users suffer from problems
Android One devices are expected to be the first to receive Android updates. In the case of Xiaomi, this works a little differently and gets the first update of the Redmi K20 Pro running MIUI. As a matter of fact, the Chinese variant of the device had received the Android 10 update the moment Google officially released it. However, the company’s last generation Android One device, the Mi A3, is still running Android Pie from 2018. In addition, the company has never released monthly security patches just in time and has been delaying a seamless Android 10 update for three times.

Xiaomi first announced the Android 10 update to Mi A3 users at the end of February. It was said that the update postponed due to problems will come to the devices in mid-March, but the same malfunctions have occurred again. Finally, the stable Android 10 update, which is scheduled to come with security patches, has been delayed once again. Users are advised to continue using Android 9 and continue to update security patches only.

Some issues shared by Mi A3 users on Mi Community are:

Random restart
Unnecessary battery consumption
Camera delay
Fingerprint reader problem
Camera shutter problem (1.4 seconds default)
UI delay
Performance issues


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