Xiaomi Reimburses Customers Who Bought The Brand’s First Cell Phone


Xiaomi decided to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the launch of its first smartphone, the Mi 1, with a refund for all people who ordered and bought the device. The company claims it won 184,600 units at 1,999 yuan (or $308), the equivalent of about $57 million.

To request payment, users need to have the Mi ID login and password that was used to purchase the device from Xiaomi’s online store. The refund will not be paid in cash, but in credit for the purchase of other company products.

The price may not be enough to buy high-end devices, such as the Mi 11. However, it will be possible to purchase more modest devices, such as the Note 10 Pro and Poco X3 Pro, which cost around US$ 308, or devices smart, wearable households for under $300.

From Mi 1 to world leadership

Xiaomi launched the Mi 1 in its Chinese home market in 2011. The launch was a landmark for the company, offering an affordable smartphone nearly three years before other manufacturers like OnePlus did the same.

The original Mi 1 came with a 4-inch screen. The model came with capacitive touch keys for navigation and multitasking. In addition, the device had a single 8MP camera on the back and a 2MP front camera.

Xiaomi’s smartphone also featured a Qualcomm MSM8260 dual-core SoC processor and 1GB of RAM. The phone was powered by a small 1930 mAh battery.

Over the years, Xiaomi has expanded to various markets outside China, consolidating in several countries. In June 2021, it became the world’s largest smartphone company, surpassing Samsung and Apple momentarily.


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