Xiaomi Registers Hybrid Between Roll-Up ‘Cell Phone’ And Speaker


Xiaomi: Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi tends to file patents that give tips on what may be its next products, in addition to some more daring experiments.

The new registration of intellectual property discovered by the Let’s Go Digital website falls into this second category: it is a curious device that works as a hybrid between a “cell phone” and a smart speaker.

In shape and operation, the device looks like a smart speaker: it is cylindrical and has a generous speaker at the bottom.

However, there is also a roll-up screen that can be “pulled” by the user, as if it were a scroll, in addition to a set of three rear cameras. The display technology recalls what the TCL brand presented as a prototype in 2020.

The patent does not contain any type of technical specification or detailed characteristics of the operation of the model. There is also no guarantee that it will actually be launched commercially by Xiaomi.


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