Xiaomi registered the name Poco F2


Pocophone, the affordable sub-brand of Xiaomi, disappeared from the eyes after the first model. Today, with the acquisition of the name Poco F2, eyes were turned back to Pocophone.

The first model of Pocophone, a sub-brand that Xiaomi established to offer high-end chipsets at an affordable price, was highly appreciated. The Pocophone F1 was able to speak for a long time. After so much success, it was started to discuss when the Poco F2 will be released. Although there have been occasional leaks to date, Xiaomi did not seem to be releasing the new Pocophone model. The registration of the name that emerged today placed a question mark on the heads again.

-Long waiting
Pocophone F1 was announced in August 2018. Since then, no other models have appeared under the Poco brand. The registration of the name Poco F2 reopened hope. This name registration in China is proof that Poco F2 is on the way. When we look at the output of Poco F1, we see that the company obtained a name registration in June 2018 before the promotion in August. Therefore, the possibilities are increasing.

Although Poco F1 came to our country late, it was a model settled on the shelves. Again, if we think that it will come up with a high-end chipset at an affordable price, the Poco F2 model can have great success in our country. As you know, there are rumors about Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro models. Forecasts suggest that the Poco F2 will be introduced in India in February or March, with these two models. We will see if there is a model worth waiting for long.


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