Xiaomi Redmi K30S’s launch date has been announced


Leaks about the Xiaomi Redmi K30S, a version of the Mi 10T with a different name, are floating around. Although there is no official statement about the introduction date of the smartphone, many sources indicate that this date is October 27.

The smartphone is expected to have features such as a 5000 mAh battery and a 64-megapixel rear camera. The biggest difference between Redmi K30S and Mi 10T seems to be the brand written on the back of them.

If Redmi doesn’t pull a rabbit out of the hat, the K30S will have the same components as the Mi 10T. Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, 6.67 inch 1080p LCD display and 33W fast charging support stand out among these features.

Snapdragon 865 is expected to be accompanied by 6 or 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. However, it is stated that a version of the phone with 12 GB of RAM and more storage space can be sold in some markets. It is worth noting that the storage space of the phone cannot be increased with a microSD card.

xiaomi redmi k30s

Although the Xiaomi Redmi K30S will be unveiled in China, the phone is expected to be sold in regions where the Mi 10T is not sold. The Mi 10T is not available for sale in Latin America, North Africa and some Asia-Pacific region countries.

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