Xiaomi Redmi G, a gaming laptop for less than € 900


A couple of days ago we were talking about the imminent arrival of a new Xiaomi product in the world of computing. Actually, the device comes signed by its Redmi sub-brand and is intended for the most gamers. With this presentation, the Redmi G arrives on the market, a computer with all the features to play and at a price that is the most competitive in the sector.

This is the new gaming laptop Redmi G

That Xiaomi is a multidisciplinary firm is something that everyone knows. The Chinese house has hundreds of products on the world market that range from telephones, through dryers to treadmills to clothing or even travel bags. Under its name it also has computers and among them a laptop to play the most powerful, although now it launches under the wing of Redmi a new team with some very interesting features.

We are talking about the Redmi G, a gaming laptop that points out ways. On the outside we find a computer with an aggressive design in its structure. Its straight lines with slightly rounded edges give it away to make it more comfortable, but on its lid we see a ‘robotic’ appearance, as if it had very striking iron and carbon fiber plates. Inside this part there is a 16.1-inch screen in FullHD resolution and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. At the top of the frame that surrounds it there is an HD camera.

At the base we find a backlit keyboard with RGB and with a numerical extension on the right side. On the sides of this part we find the air outlets, while the connection ports are distributed in this part and the rear. Here you have to count a USB 2.0 port, another type C and two USB 3.2 Gen2. It is added a 3.5 mm minijack, an HDMI and a DisplayPort in addition to the Ethernet connection.

If we get inside the Redmi G we find a computer ready for everything. You will have an Intel i7 or i5 processor in its tenth generation accompanied by 16 GB of RAM. The graphics also varies between the NVIDIA GeForce GTX️ 1650 Ti and NVIDIA GeForce GTX️ 1650 models and you will have a 512 GB SSD memory to store your data and the integrated Windows 10 operating system.

A Gaming PC for less than 900 euros

If you are looking for a high-capacity computer, you may have to take the Redmi G into account. The Xiaomi device can now be reserved in China and will go on the market for a minimum price of about 645 euros to change in its more modest version i5-10200H + GTX 1650. As you can see, the processor and graphics are what make the difference There being another configuration of i5-10200H + GTX 1650 Ti and the more powerful i7-10200H + GTX 1650 Ti which is the one that is worth about 852 euros.


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