Xiaomi Receives A Galaxy Z Flip-Like Phone Patent


Xiaomi has patented a Galaxy Z Flip-like foldable phone. Xiaomi has added a new one to its foldable phone patents. The brand, which has been intriguing with the patents of many interesting models, has now received a patent for a foldable phone similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

After Samsung and Huawei, many brands continue to work to be included in the foldable smartphone race. One of the manufacturers whose name we mention the most in this regard is Xiaomi. The Chinese manufacturer has long received patents for many different foldable smartphones. It is difficult to predict which of these designs we will come across yet, but like Samsung, Xiaomi is also likely to come with two different foldable smartphones.

Finally, the brand, which recently patented both a folding and a folding smartphone, has now received a patent for a design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Although the patent from WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) differs from the Galaxy Z Flip with some minor touches, we can say that it has a very similar style in general.

The patent image gives an idea of ​​the general features of the phone:

When we take a look at the design images, we see that there is a horizontal camera module and a mini notification screen on the cover of the phone. It is also possible that the section that appears as this notification screen may be reserved for a large lens.

It is also possible to say that the phone looks quite thin. This can be considered as a sign that the battery may be relatively weak. Power and volume buttons are located on the right side of the phone. At the bottom, we see the speaker with a SIM port and USB Type-C port.

Despite the many foldable phone patents it has received so far, Xiaomi has not yet made an official statement or announcement on this subject. We don’t know which of these patents will come to life, and it seems we have to wait a little longer.


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