Xiaomi presents a mobile without physical buttons


More than five years ago, Samsung surprised the mobile telephony sector at the beginning of 2015 with the design of its Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, a smartphone that dared to curve the edges of its screen – the Galaxy Note Edge only bent one of its sides- presenting a Premium design never seen and that created school. 6 years later, the Korean brand continues to bet on this element, more aesthetic than functional today.

All screen phones

For a couple of years we have been talking about smartphones with a flexible screen, considered the next great evolutionary leap in mobile telephony. But its design is still too novel, its technology too early and its possibilities not exploited in the background – in addition to its very expensive prices.

Therefore, there is still room to present different and new things in the gap between current and flexible terminals, which is precisely what Xiaomi has done with its new ‘concept smartphone’.

Hyper Quad-Curved display

The brand has surprised us today with a design in which the first thing that stands out is its curved screen, but on all four edges. Xiaomi goes further than Samsung and has folded the sides, the top, the bottom and rounded all the corners of the panel. Practically the entire frame and sides of the terminal are covered by the 88º ultra ‘quad-curved’ glass screen.

No buttons or ports: Wireless charging

When looking at the images, another element that draws attention is the absence of physical buttons: The terminal does not have a management interface with the classic buttons, but hidden in the terminal chassis are buttons in the form of pressure-sensitive touch sensors . With this, the physical buttons are not an impediment and the screen can ‘fall’ covering that surface.

There are also no ports, neither for headphones nor the classic and obligatory charging, so how do you recharge the mobile? This is explained by the technology that Xiaomi presented last week, which allows you to recharge the smartphone without cables or bases, only via OTA (over the air).


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