Xiaomi phones with the lowest SAR value


Smart phones come up with brand new features in every renewed model. Phones that have become more capable threaten our health with the radiation they emit. Users can choose by looking at the amount of radiation emitted by the devices. The remarkable brand of recent years is also curious for Xiaomi. “What is Xiaomi SAR value? Which model has a low SAR value? ” We have compiled the answers to these and similar questions for you.

What is the SAR value?

Specific Absorption Rate – SAR value, also called the Specific Absorption Rate, means the amount of radiation emitted by smartphones to the human body. This radiation starts to harm the human body after a certain time.

The SAR value is measured in values ​​per 1 gram of tissue. This measure, which is expressed in W / Kg unit of measure, is a point to be considered. For this reason, when purchasing a phone, we recommend that you always choose phones from known technology companies. Because these phones are offered for sale after certain inspections.

The damage caused by high radiation to the body

  • Narrowing in the field of view
  • Heart conditions and risk of pacemaker failure
  • Memory impairment and risk of brain tumors
  • Feeling of intense stress and fatigue
  • Persistent hearing impairment
  • Concentration and attention impairment.
  • Damage to embryo development
  • Tinnitus and ear warming
  • Increased risk of miscarriage in women
  • Temporary disturbances in hearing
  • Disruption of blood cells
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Disruption of the immune system

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi also stands out with its radiation value. We have examined Xiaomi SAR values ​​for you and listed how much radiation the models emit.

Xiaomi SAR values

As mentioned above, the SAR value is measured only by certain organizations. For this reason, we recommend that you do not buy replicas and phones that are unclear. Because the SAR value on the phones of large technology companies is determined by reliable organizations such as the FCC, the Canadian Government Industry Corporation, and the Council of the European Union. However, it is possible to reach a conclusion by comparing the differences between values ​​in each brand and model.


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