Xiaomi phones in the revenue auction


The Federal Revenue of Brazil is conducting an auction of seized goods in the Northeast. In one of the lots disclosed, there are four iPhones with an initial offer of R $ 300. In public sale, there are also products such as MacBooks, iPads, Samsung Galaxy tablets, Xiaomi and Motorola phones, Raspberry Pi, Chromecast and consoles.

The offers can be presented until this Tuesday (08).

Auction lots

Just to give you an idea, lot 61, which has an initial bid of R $ 300, consists of an iPhone 4 (A1332), an iPhone 5S (A1457) and two devices with the code A1387, which appear to be two iPhones 4S . They are all used items, and there are no photos.

There are two lots composed only of iPhone X, with an initial bid of R $ 1,000. For an initial offer of R $ 3,000, a set of two iPhone XS Max units and two pairs of AirPods is available.

There are also several batches of Xiaomi products, one with nine units of the Pocophone F1 with an initial price of R $ 5,000. In another batch, 32 units of Google Chromecast are offered from R $ 1,500. A package with an initial bid of $ 7,500 includes eight Xbox One and three PlayStation 4 Pro. Six Raspberries Pi3 are offered starting at $ 200.

Electronic Auction System

All these goods offered in the Electronic Auction System of the Federal Revenue are located in five municipalities of the IV Fiscal Region: Cabo de Santo Agostinho (PE), Natal (RN), João Pessoa (PB), Cabedelo (PB) and Maceió (AL) ). Online asset verification will be allowed by video calling or sending photos via WhatsApp.

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To withdraw the auctioned goods, it is necessary to pay before the ICMS. Individuals who bid on some of the lots cannot resell the auctioned products, which is the exclusive prerogative of legal entities. More details of the auction can be obtained on the Revenue website.


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