Xiaomi phone with ‘super camera’ is coming to Brazil


Xiaomi Brazil, the official representation of the Chinese manufacturer in the country in partnership with DL Electronics, announced that a new smartphone of the brand is reaching the market.

The company made a mysterious post on its Twitter profile, letting on the air that the next model that reaches the Brazilian market will have a “super camera”. She does not give the model’s name, suggesting that fans post guesses in the comments.

In fact, there are not many alternatives, since Xiaomi does not have many devices in the process of approval or recently approved by Anatel. One of them is the Redmi Note 9S, which was in the approval process at the end of March. He is an “intermediary with some premium features”, including four rear cameras and a powerful 5,020 mAh battery. What makes him the most likely suspect is the brand’s own visual identity for the Redmi Note 9S ad, very similar to what was used in the teaser of the Brazilian representative.

However, there are those who bet on the Mi 10 model and its most powerful variant, the Mi 10 Pro. Both have already had the official global version and stand out for the “super camera”, which would match the brand description.


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