Xiaomi Patents Indicate The Visual Future Of Its Cell Phones


Xiaomi: Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has officially completed the registration of three new patents that could point the way for the brand in the smartphone sector.

According to the Let’s Go Digital website, the illustrations and descriptions were registered in March of this year and confirmed three months later by the regulatory body, which means that at least one of them can be used commercially in some future model.

The first patent is particularly interesting because it reminds a lot of Samsung’s Galaxy S21, especially for the design of the camera module.

The illustration suggests a main sensor larger than the others, two other circular lenses and a fourth in rectangular shape, not counting the bar-shaped flash.

In addition, the patent shows a cell phone with a USB-C connector in the bottom corner, rather than placing the entry in the center.

Second model

The second design registered as a patent by Xiaomi features a rear camera module with curved ends, containing four or five sensors.

In addition, the back of the device’s body is divided by a vertical line — possibly a design choice to differentiate it from other industry standards.


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