Xiaomi patent provides flexible and sliding screen phone


Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has had a new patent approved that suggests a new creative smartphone format. The discovery came from the Let’s Go Digital website, which even produced some illustrations to show what the device would look like in reality.

The device is a mobile phone with a flexible and sliding screen. The entire front area is occupied by the display, which “goes around” the bottom of the device and remains at the rear, up to about half the body of the device.

In addition, to display the selfie camera and sensors, simply slide the display so that the panel recedes a few centimeters. This command would be performed with a special touch on the device or voice commands, and the operation is carried out thanks to electromagnets.

Patents are registered by companies not just to become commercial models – Xiaomi may only be interested in the rights to design and technology.

However, in September 2020, a very similar and less detailed patent was already registered, which suggests that the company is in fact putting efforts into the development of this project.

The speculation is focused on the Mi Mix line, which usually concentrates the brand’s visual experiments, as was the case with the Mi Mix Alpha. The model was launched as a concept, but had limited sales sometime later.

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