Xiaomi Mi Watch: See The 2 Versions Available


Xiaomi usually brings to the market products with great cost-benefit, which have a good technical file and, in most cases, a lower price than the competitors. Thus, the company gained space among Brazilians, expanding the popularity of several products. The smart watch – or smartwatch – is one of them.

The Mi Watch line is not new, but they have great performance and cool features. The Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite presents itself as a cost-effective watch, due to its lower price and having only a few differences from the Mi Watch, which ends up being a more complete Xiaomi watch.

Mi Watch


With a 1.4-inch high-resolution AMOLED screen and rounded shape, the Mi Watch weighs 32 grams. The case is 45mm, made of polyamide (plastic) and fiberglass, while the strap is made of removable TPU. This provides a good physical experience of use, as it is a light and practical product to use, as well as being water resistant. The bracelet can be found in Black, Blue, Ivory and Green.


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