Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X Launch Date Has Been Announced


Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X has announced the launch date of its new flagship laptop bearing its name. According to the post from the company’s Weibo account, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X will be unveiled in China on June 30.

The shared images do not give much detail. However, it is stated that the thin and easily portable case will host the latest technology hardware from Nvidia and Intel. Here we are talking about 45W 11th Gen Intel H35 CPU processors and Nvidia RTX 3050Ti GPU.

What is known about Xiaomi’s new laptop is limited. However, it is expected that detailed information about different configuration options and other technical features will be given during the promotional event.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X, as we mentioned above, will first meet users in China. Details on the availability of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X in other countries and regions are also expected to be announced at the launch event.


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