Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold: the first mobile phone with liquid lens


Among a series of releases this week, manufacturer Xiaomi presented its first foldable smartphone, the Mi Mix Fold.

However, the model does not have the hinge and the 8.01 “screen in open format as a major highlight: its main technology is in the camera, which has transformed Xiaomi into a pioneer in the sector.

That’s because the Mi Mix Fold is the first cell phone in the world with liquid lens technology, a feature that should be explored a lot by this and other smartphone brands in the coming years.

What is a liquid lens?

The liquid lens technology is inspired by the principles of the human eye and uses in its composition a transparent fluid wrapped in a protective layer.

With this material and the use of a small motor, it is possible to obtain different curvatures of the spherical surface of the lens – making it act in a much more complex and diverse way than a common component.

The liquid lens is resistant to extreme temperatures (from -40ºC to 60ºC, in addition to low dispersion and high light absorption. The Chinese company, Huawei, should be one of the next to launch a model with this feature.

What do I get out of it?

In practical terms in the Mix Mix Fold, the liquid lens makes a single camera count for two: the same sensor serves both for zoom (3x optical and 30x hybrid) as well as for close-up portraits of small objects (macro less than 3 cm in length). distance). In addition, the focus becomes faster and more accurate.


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