Xiaomi Mi Home is updated with new interface


Application responsible for being the gateway to the configuration of Xiaomi’s smart devices, Mi Home had officially released its newest version today, jumping to version 6.0.210 and offering considerable evolutions when compared to the previous version.

According to the changelog revealed on the Play Store, the update brought a new interface, simpler and minimalist, something that will especially please the most demanding users who want a “less polluted” app.

As can be seen in the images below (which compare version 5.9 with version 6.0) the new Mi Home abandons the use of details in green, moving to betting on a gray interface, which made the app more harmonious and discreet .

Another noticeable change is in the placement and distribution of the app’s items, being better distributed, which favors in particular the use of the app on devices with larger screens, bringing part of the icons closer to the center of the screen.

In parallel, the addition of some changes to the new version was also confirmed, something that can be seen in the list below:

You can now access “Messages” from the “Mi Home” tab by touching the bell icon instead of going to the Profile and touching the Messages section.
Manage / change your rooms on the “Mi Home” tab now opens in a pop-up dialog instead of a full-screen dialog.
The “Logs” section has been moved from a separate section on the “Automation” tab to a button at the top.
Interested users can now download and install the new version on Google Play, which can be accessed through the card below.


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