Xiaomi Mi Band X may have curved screen and magnetic bracelet


Xiaomi may be preparing big news for the future of its smartband line. A Russian website released images of an alleged presentation in which the company would talk about Mi Band X, the next generation of the brand’s smart bracelets. According to the information, the launch would feature a curved screen and an integrated magnetic bracelet, a design similar to the Nubia Alpha (image above).

For now, there are no images or additional details regarding the Mi Band X. According to PCNews, the text that is seen in the images of the event, translated from Chinese, says that the device will remain compact and light, although it doesn’t do without a series of advanced features. Unfortunately, data regarding what these features would be was also left out of the slides.

Anyway, it is suggested the presence of a flexible 360 ​​° display and obsidian color, in addition to, of course, retirement of the rubber accessories. However, the website says, Mi Band X is not supposed to officially appear until 2022.

Looking for the perfect smartband?

Given the amount of equipment of this type on the market, it is necessary to understand what they are capable of offering – and what is the difference between them and smart watches. Finding options from different manufacturers and aimed at different audiences, then, becomes easier.

Innovations in the sector even promise to bring science-fiction worthy actions to the users’ pulse. While the news does not arrive, not even Xiaomi Mi Band X, you can enjoy what is already on the world shelves.


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