Xiaomi Mi Band 6 arrives in Brazil more expensive and with a 14-day battery


Xiaomi Mi Band 6: In addition to bringing the new Mi 11 to Brazil, Xiaomi also launched in the Brazilian market, on Tuesday (8), the new Mi Smart Band 6. Costing R$ 700, the smart bracelet brings a larger screen and oximeter (SpO2 ) for monitoring blood oxygen levels. For comparison purposes, Mi Band 5 was launched for R$499.

Xiaomi included in Mi Band 6 the ability to monitor 30 physical exercises, ranging from stretching to high intensity training (HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training). Among the activities, six of them can be automatically detected and monitored.

Also about monitoring the user’s health, the gadget tracks heart rate and tracks sleep (including naps, REM and breathing quality). Another function also enables stress monitoring, which brings up breathing activities.

Mi Band 6 also helps in monitoring the menstrual cycle and, like other gadgets of the type, follows the user’s steps.

Same look, bigger screen

But Xiaomi didn’t mess with the device’s design much. The look is quite similar to the Mi Band 5, but the screen is now 1.56 inches in size and has a resolution of 326 dpi (486 x 152p). It occupies a larger area of ​​the bracelet body and features AMOLED technology, promising brightness of up to 450 nits. The company also points out that the Mi Band 6 has 60 dials.

Already the battery of the gadget brings 125 mAh of capacity, which should guarantee up to 14 days of autonomy. Among the sensors, Mi Band 6 brings gyroscope, accelerometer and Bluetooth 5.0. In Brazil (and other markets outside of China), the bracelet does not have NFC. It is also compatible with iOS (as of 10) and Android (as of 5.0).