Xiaomi Mi A3 gets stable version of Android 10


After two failed attempts, Xiaomi has released, once again, the Mi A3 update to Android 10. The new stable global ROM of the version started to be available this Tuesday (7), via OTA, and will arrive gradually for all cell phone owners, according to the manufacturer.

In the first update attempt, which took place in February, the Chinese giant had to stop the update due to several problems with bugs. In March, there was a second attempt to release the files, but again the flaws appeared, prompting the company to cancel again.

Without giving up, Xiaomi returned to distribute the new version of the Google mobile operating system for the Mi A3 through the firmware V11.0.11.0 QFQMIXM. With it, features like dark mode in the entire system, new gesture navigation and improvements in privacy and performance controls, among other novelties, arrive on the device.

The new firmware version also includes the April 2020 security patch, necessary to reinforce the smartphone’s defenses against the most varied attempts to attack and break into the device.

Failures continue, according to reports
Even with all the care taken by Xiaomi to avoid further failures, the update from Android 10 to the Mi A3 is still buggy, according to reports from device owners in the official forum of the brand.

Some users report that the main camera’s 32s shutter speed option is again missing, in addition to flaws in the suggested settings, among other minor bugs. Many also report an increase in battery consumption and constant heating.

When the update arrives on your phone, be sure to check the battery level before starting the process – it is safer to perform it with at least 50% charge. Another important precaution is to backup the data stored on it, so as not to run any risk of losing it.


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