Xiaomi Mi A3 ‘dies’ after receiving Android 11 update


Xiaomi started making Android 11 available for the Mi A3 last Thursday (31). But what was supposed to be a reason for joy ended up giving a lot of headaches, according to the reports of some cell phone owners on social networks, who even had the device unusable after downloading the update.

According to XDA, the OTA update with 1.40 GB is gradually coming to the Xiaomi Mi A3, bringing chat bubbles, enhanced privacy controls, new media controls, wireless support for Android Auto and all other improvements the latest version of the Google operating system.

However, the recommendation is not to download the file, at least until the Chinese manufacturer makes the necessary corrections to avoid problems such as that exposed by Twitter user Mohammad Mahefooz (see the message shared by him below). His phone was “completely dead on New Year’s Eve” after installing the update and being restarted.

As Xiaomi has not yet released information about what happened or has given any solution to the owners who had the cell phone unusable, it is advisable to disable automatic updates in the device’s developer options, leaving it as long as corrections are not available and the risks have ceased.

Update for Android 10 also gave problem

This was not the first time that a Mi A3 update came with a bug. At the beginning of last year, the update for Android 10 generated a series of failures around the world, from blocked devices to problems with battery charging, in addition to changing the language to Spanish and disabling the dual chip system.

One reason for the bugs was the global release of firmware that was specific to a Mexican region, affecting devices in other countries. The company fixed the errors shortly after launching the problematic file package.


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