Xiaomi Mi 11 global receives new certification


Xiaomi started the year 2021 by provoking the public for the global launch of the Mi 11. The device is now available in China and was the first in the world to feature a Snapdragon 888 processor.

We recently saw that the device was listed on the Geekbench and received certification from the United States FCC. Now, after a few days, behold, the Mi 11 global has been approved in the NBTC of Thailand – an organ similar to our Anatel.

The documentation was made available on Tuesday (19), and it does not contain any technical specifications or details of the Mi 11. Anyway, the numbering M2011K2G is the same as that of other regulatory agencies. Check it out below:

For now, Xiaomi has yet to comment on when it will launch the global Mi 11. Even so, taking into account the stage of the certification phase, everything indicates that the new device may reach the market in February.

In addition, the Chinese manufacturer can also take advantage of the event to announce an intermediary known as Mi 11 Lite. The device has already been certified in several countries and is practically ready to be made official.


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