Xiaomi Mi 10i unveils its official presentation date


Xiaomi is preparing a new smartphone for its Mi 10 range and unveils its presentation date. A new smartphone responding to the sweet name of Mi 10i which should be aimed at emerging markets.

Xiaomi has largely marked the year 2020 with its Mi 10 range, namely excellent smartphones equipped with beautiful technologies and prices that are still accessible. Further proof that in the telephony market, there is no point in relying solely on Samsung and Apple, which would always prepare its autonomous car. And it is precisely the Mi 10 range that interests us today since the official Xiaomi Twitter account has just announced the upcoming release of a newcomer by the sweet name of Mi 10i. Enough to start the year 2021 with an official presentation date for the smartphone.

It is on January 5 that the Mi 10i will be unveiled, at least in India. For other regions, nothing has been specified by the Chinese firm. It is quite possible that this variation is an entry-level intended for emerging markets where smartphones are popular but the purchasing power is lower. Obviously, we imagine that the smartphone is not intended to stand up to a Samsung Galaxy S21, which has delivered a lot of information, and planned for the same period. But to extend an already popular range to reach many more consumers. A great idea for Xiaomi to continue its growth.

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