Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus introduction date announced


While sad events continue to emerge around the world, time is moving at full speed. August 2020, which we are in, is very special for Xiaomi because it has been 10 years since the first phone Mi 1 was launched.

When we look at the past 10 years, we can easily say that the Chinese manufacturer has achieved great success. The Chinese manufacturer will come up with a flagship specially produced for the 10th year: Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus.

How will the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus features?

The name of the phone, which is expected to be introduced on August 11, has not been confirmed yet. While some sources say it will be referred to as the Mi 10 Pro Commemorative Edition, we expect the device to be powered by the Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and offer several advantages over Mi 10 Pro in terms of hardware.

Introducing Pro and Plus models is not the first for Xiaomi. Last year we encountered a similar incident: Mi 9 came up with Snapdragon 855 in March and the Pro version powered by Snapdragon 855 Plus processor was introduced in September.

If the only change is the processor, the 108 Megapixel main camera, UFS 3.0 storage, LPDDR5 RAM and 50W fast charging will be preserved. While some sources say that Xiaomi will take a small step further, it will offer 55W fast charging for 4500 mAh battery, but we do not think it will be a great advantage on the marketing side.

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