Xiaomi May Release New Version Of Redmi 10 In 2022


Xiaomi: A few months ago, Xiaomi launched the Redmi 10, a new mid-range smartphone for consumers looking for value for money. Apparently, the Chinese company is already preparing an updated version of the device for next year.

Some users were able to find records of the device from international certifying agencies, indicating that the launch should take place soon. Named Redmi 10 2022 (model 21121119SG), the device must ship with the same set of cameras as the predecessor.

“The camera configuration of the Redmi 10 2022 is the same as the basic Redmi 10 (S5KJN1 / OV50C40 50Mpx, IMX355 8Mpx, OV02B1B / GC02M1B 2Mpx), so I won’t be surprised if it’s a very similar device,” said Kacper Skrzypek, one of the users who found the IMEI.

Redmi 10 revamped?

Enthusiasts believe that most of the hardware will be identical to the previous model, but the Redmi 10 2022 must gain some changes to be a worthy successor. However, as Xiaomi has done before, the move could also be part of marketing for the Chinese company to sell more units of the device.

User Abhishek Yadav found smartphone data on TKDN, EEC, TUV, IMDA and SDPPI certifications. However, there is still no information directly from Xiaomi about the launch of the device.