Xiaomi may launch without charger in the box


Apparently, in addition to following the example of Apple when selling the Mi 11 without charger in the box, Xiaomi also wants to do the same with its intermediate smartphones. That’s because new information indicates that the Chinese giant may sell the Redmi Note 10 line without the accessory.

The first signs were discovered after Redmi’s general manager, Lu Weibing, made a post asking for suggestions for the Redmi Note 10 family. In one comment, a user asked the brand to remove the charger from the device’s case.

The most curious point is that it didn’t take long and the executive responded with a “message received”. In other words, we have a great indication that the sales policy for flagships will also be taken to intermediaries.

As much as it is not a widely accepted idea by consumers, most smartphone manufacturers decided to adopt the same discourse of Apple when removing the charger from their devices: environmental awareness.

However, what many companies may be ignoring is that the charger the user has at home may be too old or even unsafe to use with a new device. That is, in the end the consumer needs to buy the accessory separately.

For now, it is not yet possible to confirm whether Xiaomi will actually start selling middlemen without a charger. Anyway, it is already quite evident that the Redmi Note 10 line is getting closer and closer to its launch.

Do you believe it is a good idea to remove the charger from the new intermediaries? Tell us your opinion here in the comments.

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