Xiaomi may launch the new Mi Mix this year


Smartphone maker Xiaomi gave a hint from China’s social media Webio, the new device that is likely to launch this year. Lu Weibing, Managing Director of Redmi and Xiaomi Manager, asked his followers on social media if they were looking forward to the Mi Mix.

Xiaomi signals new phone from Webio

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix series stands out as the most innovative phone series ever. The series, which gained popularity with its high screen and body ratio, stands out with its unusual design approach.

Xiaomi has not introduced a new Mi Mix model since the Mi Mix 3 5G in 2019. However, it is thought that top manager Lu Weibing gave the signal of Mi Mix 4 this year with his post.

It should be noted that there is no information about the technical features and design of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, which is expected to arrive in 2021. In addition, no price information about the device has come to light.

The Mi Mix series, which is remembered as the most innovative phone series, can significantly increase the competitiveness of the Chinese phone maker Xiaomi in 2021, if it is launched this year as claimed.


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